What are smart electricity monitors ?

What weighing scales do for people watching their waistline, smart electricity monitors do for people wanting to reduce their energy bills.

You can help yourself to cut your bills by as much as 25 per cent starting with small changes in how you use electricity.

Smart home technology designed to monitor improvements day by day, hour by hour, will tell you how well you are doing and which of your actions are having a positive effect.

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Owl Energy Monitor
OWL Micro+ Energy Monitor

A smart electricity monitor tracks energy usage and displays the information on a web-enabled portable device rather than on a fixed monitor in the home. You can see what's happening on a smartphone by downloading a special App. Data can be viewed as a graph to pinpoint the highs and lows of electricity use as they occur throughout the day or night.

Be a smart energy user

For quick and easy savings switch off unnecessary lights and break the habit of leaving appliances on standby. Quicker showers and shorter washing-machine cycles will make a difference, and using less water will increase your energy savings.

Be a smart energy user in the kitchen. Big bake-offs and cook-offs make the most of a hot oven. Fill the oven, fill the freezer and fill family and friends with readymade meals and treats. New electric ovens, like all kitchen appliances, are more energy efficient so it might be worth replacing an old one as soon as practically possible.

We can supply & install products designed for specific purposes for monitoring:
  • UK Residential / Domestic properties
  • Light Commercial premises / 3 Phase supplies
  • Solar PV Systems

All products operate by wireless communication requiring an ethernet connection via a network router.

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