Electric Towel Rails

Enjoy the luxury of dry towels all year round with a modern, energy efficient electric towel rail.

Colorado electric towel rails are a functional and stylish way to effectively heat your bathroom and dry your towels. They offer a maintenance-free solution that works whatever the weather.

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Remote Control Colorado electric towel
CSR Colorado electric towel

Two problems common to bathrooms in houses that are electrically heated are noisy down-flow fan heaters and cold damp towels.

Colorado electric towel rails have impressively high heat outputs and digital control systems. They heat your bathroom effectively as well as dry your towels. But when you do not need to heat the bathroom they can just gently dry your towels.

Unlike cheap, low-quality versions the Colorado range is built to last. They are filled with a special heat transfer fluid which helps protect its long-life elements and eliminates internal corrosion.

Digital Programming

Colorado electric towel rails are programmable. Either with an optional remote control (details below) or directly on the unit. Select your required comfort and economy temperatures, ranging from 7°C to 32°C. They also have the option to override or boost the heat output for two hours at the push of a button.

Using the Single Zone Remote, programming the is achieved with just a few buttons. Set your electric towel rail to suit your needs with independently adjustable comfort and economy temperatures. Economy temperature can be set as low as 7°c ensuring that the water pipes are not damaged by freezing temperatures. The comfort temperature is adjustable up to a toasty 32°c. You can enjoy total comfort at the touch of a button.

Simple Options

If you prefer a more simple controller, comfort and warmth in your bathroom can come courtesy of the Colorado SCR. With the same fantastic outputs, the temperature of the SCR is adjusted by turning a simple dial. 

It also benefits from the intelligent two-hour boost. Enjoy the heat boost just once, the same time every day, or twice a day.