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External Power Supplies

Connecting electrical supplies to outbuildings, sheds, garages, workshops, summerhouses and garden offices.

Many people struggle for space in their homes and use an outside garden building as an extra room. People refer to these spaces in different ways – a garden building, garden office, summer house, playroom or even a man-cave.

They can be a great addition to family life. They give family members that extra space they can utilise for alone time, socialising with friends, or to work away from the distractions inside the home.

If you are considering an outside garden building there are a couple of key questions you need to answer that will determine the electrical installation. Do you want to use your garden building all year round or just in the summer months? And what will you use the building for? If it’s all year round and you plan to work, hobby or entertain in the building, you will probably need electrics much like a room in your house. Power for devices such as computers or tools, and also lighting and heating.

The electrics in your outside garden building will also need to be connected to the mains supply in your home. This involves running a cable from a consumer unit, in your outside garden building, and connecting it to the main supply in your house. This is work that should be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Juice Electrical – local, qualified and experienced

All our garden power supplies are installed to current regulations and with full certification, supplied upon completion. All work is carried out to the highest standards and is compliant with all applicable building regulations.

If you are building or considering an outside garden building at your home, please get in touch with us today. We are your local qualified electricians, happy to have an informal no-obligation chat to discuss your requirements. We will supply you with a free no-obligation quote.

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