Garden Lighting

We often hear about the benefits of good quality lighting in our homes. Putting us at ease. Creating the right mood. And improving our wellbeing. But what about using lighting to improve our outdoor spaces?

You can use outdoor lighting to make a grand statement about your garden or simply highlight particular trees, shrubs or architectural features.

You can also use external lighting to illuminate a patio, terrace or section of your garden. And then remain outside for that BBQ or party with your family and friends when the sun goes down!

Creating an outstanding nightscape

Outdoor lights come in a variety of designs, making it easy to find lights that create the right ambience, provide a welcoming atmosphere and enhance the other features of your house.

They also increase the safety and security of your home. Helping night-time visitors walk safely to your front door. Making outdoor entertaining much safer. And act as a deterrent to burglars

Garden lighting technology has advanced significantly in recent years and now offers the variety and decorative quality of indoor lighting fixtures. Juice Electrical Services can supply and install a wide range of energy-efficient LED garden lighting. This includes wall lights, spotlights, motion sensor lights, dusk-till-dawn lights and Passive Infrared Sensor lights, to name just a few.

Benefit from our expertise

The lighting needs to be properly designed to meet your preferred outdoor lighting style and create the desired effect. As well as use the best fixtures to strike a balance between aesthetics and security.

It should be integrated effectively with any existing or planned landscaping to deliver the best outcome. Where we will happily work in collaboration with your landscapers to create the right environment for your garden.

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