New Heating System for Willingdon Memorial Hall

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The Client

Willingdon Memorial Hall is located in Willingdon, nr. Eastbourne, East Sussex. It provides a popular, convivial meeting place for local organisations, community events and children’s parties.

The Challenge

The existing heating system was over 30 years old, well past its service life and no longer fit-for-purpose. It was very noisy, inefficient and expensive. And lacked the flexibility of modern electrical heating systems which allow you to keep a large public space such as this at a comfortable temperature without wasting heat
(or money).

It had become apparent that the limitations of the heating system reduced the attractiveness of the Hall to local community organisations and residents in the colder winter months.

The challenge was twofold:

  • To design a new system suitable for a multi-use community hall, in line with client needs and expectations.
  • To disconnect and decommission the existing heating system and supply and install the new system with minimal disruption to users.

The Solution

Juice Electrical undertook a comprehensive electrical and energy survey of the Hall to ensure that we identified the right heating solution, based on the size of the Hall, hours of use and numbers of staff and visitors.

After carrying out calculations relating to the electrical loading and heat requirement, Juice recommended the installation of a number of BN Thermic radiant cassette heaters. These are an ideal method of heating buildings with high ceilings.

BN Thermic are market leaders in radiant cassette heaters. These units are noted for providing economic heating without the draughts and noise associated with fan heaters, or the light output associated with shortwave radiant heaters. Typical applications include sports halls, community halls and squash courts.

These were combined with a wall-mounted 7-day programmable thermostat, allowing the Hall committee to programme different temperatures for different times of day depending on the use made of the Hall. (Cooler for dancing, warmer for yoga etc.)

The Outcome

Juice successfully installed the new heaters and control equipment (including a new distribution board) over a 5-day period. We worked around client bookings, minimising disruption to Hall users.

The new overhead heaters have delivered a range of benefits, including:

  • The ability of the Hall to cater flexibly for different heating needs at different times, providing a warm space for all those who need it.
  • A much quieter, more responsive heating system that can be adjusted as required.
  • An all-round better user experience.

Looking ahead, the new heating system will provide improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Mr. Richard Nunney (WMH Committee Member) said: ‘We can now provide our clients with a reliable and efficient heating system. Chris is very easy to work with and fills you with confidence that you will get a job well done. He is trustworthy, professional and friendly. What you see is what you get!’

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