Network Data Cabling Installation

Juice Electrical Services are able to provide a tailored Network Data Cabling installation service for both residential & commercial customers, ranging from businesses based in garden offices, workshops, commercial & industrial units

Network Data Cabling

In a digital led world we rely heavily on the transmission of data, and a smooth and secure data network provides the critical foundation for business & leisure.

You can now have a super-fast internet speed throughout your property which will not depend on how many floors and walls the signal passes through.

Juice Electrical Services are experienced in the installation of network systems using Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a cables, whether this be for a small home office, workshop or larger offices.

We have partnered with Lightning Fibre who are dedicated to delivering Full Fibre connectivity across East Sussex giving broadband speeds of up to 10,000Mbps.

Wi-Fi Upgrades

We can help with any Wi-Fi issues you may have, including poor signal and black spots areas. We can extend coverage and signal strength to locations and parts of your property that do not receive a good reception.

We will provide a initial visit so we can provide a solution that overcomes your WIFI issues.

From Wi-Fi installation to Wi-Fi solutions and WI-Fi6 upgrade we’ve got you covered.

In addition to the hardware we can offer cloud based hosting for up to 25 devices via our partnership with OneStopCableShop

Fibre Optic Networking

Fibre optics are revolutionising the way we communicate today allowing network providers to offer end users increased network capacity, bandwidth and transmission speeds.

The increasing demand for network performance and bandwidth mean that the limitations of copper are becoming increasingly restrictive.

Juice Electrical Services are able to offer fibre optic cable preparation and splicing, this includes fusion splicing, jointing and termination of both single and multimode fibre cables.

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