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Outside Heating Solutions

If your looking for an outside heating solution for your pub, café, restaurant, hotel, home or  garden, we have the right solution for you.

Our outside heating solutions are perfect to maintain a comfortable and warm working, living and entertainment environment during the colder months.

Heating Solutions for Patios

Patios are a major investment so it is no surprise that people want to extend the time during which they can enjoy them

Adding patio heating is an obvious way of doing this but traditional heating methods such as gas heaters and fan heaters tend to be uneconomical and bulky.
They also are ineffective as the open spaces mean that the radiant heat generated by these forms of heating escape into the air.

Quartz infrared heaters ideal as an outdoor heating solution. The weatherproof infrared patio heaters are not affected by draughts and by using innovative infrared shortwave technology, they directly heat the people and objects instead of the air around. This results in a pleasantly fresh and not stuffy environment, making the infrared heaters highly suitable as a patio heating solution.

Patio Wall Heater
Patio Wall Heater

Heating Solutions for Pubs

Juice Electrical Services is able to offer a range of high quality weatherproof, infrared quartz heaters that are the perfect outside heating solution for a pub, being maintenance free and energy efficient.

With the Covid restrictions being lifted more people will have to take their drink & food outside to enjoy.

We can install a range of heating controllers and time lag switches which are perfect for pub heating application as they allow you to control when and how long your infrared pub heater is on for.

Pub Shelter Heating
Pub Shelter Heating

Heating Solutions for Restaurant's & Cafés

We understand the value of an outside area for restaurants & cafés, increasing the seating capacity and allowing their customers to dine outdoors while enjoying the views, thereby dramatically raising the restaurant’s or café revenue.

However, commercial heating has always been a real challenge within the hospitality industry. When wind speeds start to pick up and temperatures begin to fall, the outdoor area becomes obsolete.

Thankfully, we have an outside heating solution for restaurants heating which can provide comforting warmth to the customers and so the restaurant’s outdoor area remains in use all year round. 

Café Patio Heater
Heating a Café Patio