Emergency Lighting Upgrade at Hailsham Pavilion

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The Client

Hailsham Pavilion is an independent cinema, live music venue and theatre. It combines a fully restored interior (featuring the high-quality decor associated with the ‘Golden Age’ of cinema and theatre entertainment) with an up-to-date programme and facilities.

The Challenge

Emergency lighting describes the range of battery-supported backup lights that automatically come into operation in a building in the event of a power failure. They are of particular importance in a building open to the public, providing the illumination needed by staff and visitors to evacuate the premises safely during a blackout.

The existing emergency lighting system at the Pavilion was coming to the end of its life, was no longer fit for purpose, and needed upgrading to ensure compliance with current safety standards. The upgrade would also deliver greater energy efficiency.

The brief for the project was therefore to replace and upgrade the existing emergency light fittings at the Pavilion with new LED energy efficient fittings appropriate for a cinema/theatre environment. These needed to be fully compliant with the relevant Government Building Regulations, fire safety standards and British Standards, whilst being ‘in keeping’ with the age of the building and its period decor.

The Solution

Juice Electrical surveyed the site and undertook a full risk assessment to identify the multiple locations in the building where the old units needed replacing and where additional emergency lighting could and should be installed. The survey also identified the specific type of fittings required for this specialist environment.

We advised that the system needed to clearly show the escape routes from the building, allow safe movement to the exits, and reflect the usage profile of the Pavilion (which includes many older people who take longer to adapt to lower lighting levels).

The most effective way of delivering the requirement would be to replace and install both maintained (always switched on) luminaires and non-maintained luminaires (which only come on when the power supply to the normal lighting system fails) at defined locations in both public and non-public areas.

The Outcome

Juice Electrical successfully installed 18 luminaires and fully tested the operation of the system to ensure it performed satisfactorily.

We also advised on the arrangements required by statute to ensure the emergency lighting system continues to meet legal requirements, including regular testing, recording of results and rectification of any deficiencies.

The work was spread out over a number of days as the premises are open seven days a week. Disruption was kept to a minimum by carrying out the work when the premises were closed to the public.

The new emergency lighting system has delivered a range of benefits, including:

  • A system that complies with the highest operational safety standards.
  • Peace of mind for the client that, in the unfortunate event of an emergency, the staff and public would be protected.
  • Clear advice on how to maintain the system and continue to meet statutory emergency lighting standards.

Paul Nunney, General Manager, said: ‘Chris is extremely thorough and completes all jobs to the highest of standards. We are very pleased that we are now operating safely in the full knowledge that, in an emergency situation, our emergency lighting will perform to the required standard. We also know that should we have any issues concerning the viability, safety, and maintenance of our electrical systems we have an excellent working relationship with a first-class electrician. Who, I might add, also loves a sausage roll!’

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